CDR/W settings (?)

Hi everybody. Funny thing hppened to me yesterday. I know that in general CDR/Ws are not recognized by old hi-fis and car audios unless it is mentioned. I came up with a used Panasonic CD Changer for my car and, as it didn’t say anything about CDR/Ws I gave it a try. It worked! (happy me!) I erased the disk, made a new one… nothing! tried again, tried different disk, brand, nothing. I haven’t changed anything in the burning process (i use Nero 6) and yet it’s a mystery. Any ideas?
I mean, it should either work or not. Could it be that it worked once just by chance?
The only thing I can think of is that maybe, because the successful compilation was working for quite some time in the deck before I installed the changer, it kinda fooled the changer in the first place.
It’s weird and mind-bug and I’d really could use the help. Thanx

Did you burn the RW disk using the same burner, at the same burn speed both times?
The Panasonic could be sensitive to either of those factors.