Cdr vrs cdrw and multi-sessioning



I am just learning about how to use my disc burning program which is Nero Express oem (without the nero burning rom )
I need to backup my documents folder with photo music and misc word documents

So my question is , If I have a checkmark in the multi-session square can I keep using the same cdr or dvdr disc over and over for years
Untill it has 700 mb …or 4.7 gig of data on it in the case of dvd r

Or do I have to use a new cd-r each time I need to add new files to my folders, new photos,or music cd’s to media player playlist
( any new content of data since the last backup)

I need to backup those new files to a stay current with the updates in order to protect against a hardrive failure. But hate to waste cd-r’s like that

Does INCD have anything to do with multisessioning if I am using cd-r instead of cd-rw 's , It comes on automatically when I click on nero express…
Thanks to all in advance


Yes you can repeatedly write sessions onto a multi-session CD/DVD until it is full. Every time you add a session however, some of the capacity of the disc is used for the session itself in addition to the capacity used for new data, so you won’t be able to fit as much data on the disc compared to if you write everything at once in a single session.

I wouldn’t use a CD-RW for years putting new data on it - CD-RW are not as durable as CD-R over time.

InCD doesn’t support using recordable (non-rewriteable) media, so InCD does not come into play when writing multi-session CD-Rs (* but see below).

If you’re using CD-RW you can choose to EITHER write a multi-session disc with Nero Burning ROM, Nero Express or another burning progtam, OR you can choose to format the disc with InCD and use it as a giant floppy-disk. I would recommend against using InCD for important backups however, as many people including myself have experienced a loss of data this way. Use multi-session writing instead.

*) InCD and other “packet writing” applications may interfere with some burning programs, so there’s a chance you will experience an incompatibility problem.


Thank You so much for your concise and complete information to in answer to my questions I now know much more about the subject and can act accordingly
Its very much appreciated .