CDR Unique identification?


Is there a way to identify a CDR by a unique way ? For instance, I have 2 Sony CDR’s I bought at the same time (ie in a box or spindle) so that the manufacturer and model (CDR Code according to Nero’s log) recorded in the ATIP information are the same. Is there a way to make the difference between them ?

Thank you very much for your crucial help.


Unfortunately not, as they all get stamped from the same glass master.

If you do find something, I’m very interested in it too :wink:

Urmm… what about the obvious… you do know that you can mark them with a pen marker :bigsmile:

Normaly you should be able to read a number near the center of the cd which is a serial number and so unique !


Is this serial number also burned somewhere on the cd?

Iirc, you can identify by the total amount of sectors on the cd.

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Is there a way to make the difference between them ?

What for ?

  1. Disc Identification Code

5-1-5. Registration and distribution of a permanent code

An issued permanent code is registered on a permanent code list by the secretariat…
Permanent code is valid perpetually.

5-1-6. Invalidation of a permanent code

A permanent code issued once shall not become invalid.

5-2. Type code

Each manufacturer controls a type code.
That is, each disc manufacturer defines characteristics of their own disc.