CDR testing problem

I just bought some Mitsubishi Blue Platinum discs rated at 24X with Smart-Burn, the box just said “multi speed” so I was a bit disappointed they were rated only 24X. I tested them at 8x speed with K-Probe and I got C1 Max: 16 C2 Max: 0. I ran Nero CD Speed I get Total Errors: 0 Speed: 35.6x and Current Errors: 0 Speed: 50.2x. When I ran the same tests at full speed on K probe I get Max C1 Errors:103 Max C2:86! I get similar results with CD Doctor, does anyone know why there would be such a diffeence in readings? This media can’t be that bad, are you supposed to test at full speed or 8X?

Different read speeds give different results. You should not see any C2 at full-speed on a “good” disc. What you bought is some older media that’s not up to high speed burning.

The dye is metal azo, and I’ve read around that Lite On burners can have problem with metal azo, mybe that could be part of it.
Strange that Nero CD Quality Check showed zero errors but the K Probe and Cd Doctor showed many.

None of the Mitsubishi azo discs respond well to burning too fast, just keep the speed down and they will be OK.

I solved my problem the easy way, I went back to the store bought the 52X rated Super Azo version of the same disc and they are pretty good.I burned a VCD at 32X I get a C1 Max 58 Avg 8.149 no C2 testing at full speed and most seem to be at the beginning of the disc, anyone know why this may be?
Edit:Ok, Well i just reburned it at my burners max speed of 40X and got C1 max 37 and an avg of 5.738, funny that the C1 rate lowered when I increased speed.

I have the same problem with any media type…
The difference between using kprobe with maximal reading speed and e.g. “8” is abnormal. Same with CD Doctor…

I use a flashed Traxdata 241040plus. Now it is a LTR-24102B!

What should solve my problem?

Sorry for my bad english…! Thx!

What should solve my problem?

A new 52246S , or 52327S drive will solve that problem.