CDR software for USB CD writers

I’ve recently started working at a PC shop and noticed that all 6 external (USB1.1/2) cd writers come bundled with the EZCD coaster factory and our “technician” swears that EZCD is the only program they will work with.

What other programs can be used with USB/firewire writers.

Or more specifically does anyone have experience using Nero and Clonecd with USB cdwriters?

Well i have a X16 speed firewire yamaha CD writer, and it works fine with all the software i have tried on it (ezcd, nero, clonecd, and the built in winxp recorder). :slight_smile:

I think your “technician” needs to er… open his mind a little…

The shop technician is more than a little gung-ho, but internal politics prevents me from jumping across the counter and taking control of the workshop.

The other question is about external (USB1/Firewire/USB2) cases (and standard internal (IDE) burners).
Are all these cases pretty much the same? (I assumed that they all worked the same, since they simply emulate an IDE connection across a serial connection)

And will Nero/clonecd work across the afore mentioned links with these external cases?


Use the Stomp (Veritas) Record Now Max 4.0 on our HP8200 external USB1 burner for data CDs and Acoustica CD Burner for audio CDs. Both work great with no problems!

I use Nero, CloneCD, BlindSuite, all these wiht HP8200e, USB 1.1. Perfect running.