CDR Software for PSX



ANy body know any software that will allow me to play copied PSX games on a normal playstation. i.e. one that has not been chipped?


I’m pretty sure there aren’t any. But u can order chips from and even if u can’t solder, I’m sure if u ask around u’ll find some 1 who can. When your PSX is chipped I’d use CDRWin to copy games, or Nero.

Oh, yeah - I know this is a long comment, but if u install Nero, u must UN-install E Z cd or they will conflict and your system will probably get all f**ked up.


Cheers mate,
I have heard about some software called CloneCD or CDClone. Any idea what its all about and if its any good?
THX again.


actually nero and ezcdcreator wont conflict its the direct cd that will conflict with nero i just uninstalled direct cd and used prassi instead and im not having any problems at all…


PSX Copy 6.2


if your writer is suported by clone cd it works great it makes a pefect copy whit the protection intact