CDR recording problem

Hello all,

I just wanted say this is a great forum and have learned much. But i’m in a bind here myself so i was wonder if i can get some help. My burner won’t finish a data cd. I keep getting a fixation error. Sometimes the writer error is in the beginning of the write or will error at the end. But then it always errors with the fixation error. I’ve lost a good amount of CDRs to this. (around 15) It burns CDRW without a problem. i haven’t tried burning other formats such as audio but i’m sure i will get the same result. Same kind of error occurs with two different software ( Nero and b’s Recorder GOLD 5) i’ve tried switching ide spots and reinstalling one recording software at a time. all to no avail. The weird thing is, it work fine until a couple of days ago. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

My current setup. (yeah its an older system but this is the first time its giving me trouble.)

PIII 850 with WIN XP SP1
P3v133 mobo (VIA® Apollo Pro133A) with updated 4 in 1 drivers
256mg RAM PC133
WD 80g 7200 2mb ata100
Geforce4 Ti4200 64mb with updated drivers
SB Live Value with updated drivers
SONY CRX215E1 48x24x48x Writer with 650D firmware (650D = CRX220E1 52x24x48x firmware)
Kenwood 48x CDROM (which by the way is very particular with CDR media)
Memorex 52X CDR (Prodisc Tech - heard this was pretty reliable)