Cdr Problems...Need Help Please!


I’m having some trouble copying from a Cdr disc. Although I have no problems copying from normal music Cd’s, every time I make a copy of a Cdr disc I get a lot of ‘cracking’ and ‘poping’ sounds over the music on the finished product.

At present I’m using a Mitsubishi Diamond Data 40x Cdrom and a Diamond Data 30x6x4x burner.

Any help would be very much appreciated (o:



  1. using the writer to make an image instead of your CD-ROM
  2. try reading at 1 speed
  3. try writing at 1 speed

Try a different software program.

It is probably that your CD-ROM cannot read the copy to copy properly…

I’ve already tried using the writer, for the first 5 or so songs the ‘poping’ had disapeared, but then then last few songs were just hiss.

I’ll try using the writer again at 1x. Can you suggest any other good software to use…at present I’m using CloneCD.

Thanks for your help (o: