CDR prices at lowest point

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The best time to get your CD-R’s is now !! The prices are at their lowest level ever. Buyers of big quantities are advised to buy them now. The Price of a CD-R has dropped over…

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ME HAPPY… I LOVE THE YELLOW ONE…They should put a smiley on those yellow one…:wink:

Anyone noticed TDK dye is different?

Has anyone been thinking about taxes in the different countries???

In Denmark the cd’s will be about 3/4 of a dollar more expensive by marts 2001 because of taxes.

i just got a 50-pack of 80min CDs for $8.99 on sale in the usa. that freaking rulez

Let’s move to the us then


In Denmark you buy 25-pack 74 min Mr. Platinium for 100 Dkr (about 15$)

in belgium for 100 cdr of the brand “ams” you pay 45$.
( 1900 bfr )

And the winner is: BELGIUM!
Looks like the Makro is ruling far beyond the borders! If anyone needs these silver-blue 74 min CD’s, just give me a call.

Dear Sirs we need silver-silver &silver-green CD(code:05-CD-R)in quantity of 100000 pcs with lowest price.