CDR Password Protection?



Does anyone know of any software package that will password
protect a CDR/DVDr. In other words, prevent someone from viewing
the contents without a password. Similar to the properties of a
password protected Win-Zip file. When you try to read, view
or list any contents you would get prompted for a password.
Something that would add this function when you go to burn the CDR.
I want to lock down the media on the disk, not the whole drive of a
particular machine.

I don’t care about copy protection, the person could burn as many as
they want, but would still need that same password to view any of the
copies. No matter where he tries to read it, and no matter what the
operating system is for his machine.


What burner is there in your system? If you happen to have a drive that supports Securirec (some Plextor models do), than this is the perfect solution!


My impresion is that SecuRec is only supported by the Plextor Premium drive. I am not sure about the new 712A drive though.


The SecuRec technique allows you to password protect a CD-R disc when recording in DAO mode. When SecuRec is activated, the data on the written disc can only be retrieved by supplying the password you entered when the disc was written:

Writing and reading of a SecuRec protected disc can only be done with the Premium drive. When the data has to be accessed from a different drive or computer you can use the free SecuViewer software and the original password:

When someone tries to read the disc in another drive without using the PlexTools or SecuViewer software, Windows XP will display the following error message:

Disc is not formatted

Windows cannot read from the disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows.


Thanks for the thought though !!
This IS what I am trying to do, but really can’t be limited to
one brand drive for playbacks.
(…and I have a Liteon 411s for what it’s worth.)

I did search the web and found quite a few packages protecting
servers and such, but nothing comes up in the line of CD-Rs.

I’ll keep looking, but if anyone finds anything else let me know.


I nkow of software packages that will make it more difficult for someone to copy the CD, programs like tzcopyprotection, WinLock and CD-Protector but i dont know of any way of password protecting the CD other than SecuRec or plainly zipping the contents of the CD and protecting with a password.

If you happen to find any other way of going this please let us know too :wink:


There are some encryption utilities mentionedhere - I presume some may work, either by creating the encrypted files and then copying them to ISO, or formating the CD with UDF and operating directly with InCD or whatever.
I’ve never tried this with CDs, mind you - years ago I used Scramdisc that is mentioned in the above link, but seems to be just for win9x.


I think something along the lines of CryptCD from is what you are looking for. I’ve never actually used it so I don’t know if it keeps the real filenames, but I suppose filenames wouldn’t be a big thing to change. :slight_smile:


Nice Find! Thanks, I’ll check it out… :slight_smile:

CryptCD 3 Features:
CryptCD 3 now has the ability to burn CD’s
Add custom font with dropshadow to decoy screen
Easy add/remove buttons to work with files in the layout ( main file list )
Easy installer / uninstall
Password protected CD’s once burned
Choose directory for output of files to burn
Autoboot option so your CD’s will automatically boot to your decoy screen when inserted into the CDROM.
Save and Load layout features
Set CD size ( so you cannot accidentally add too many files to burn to your CD )