CDR not working, Pre-recorded does

Sorry for lack of info, trying to research for my uncle.

He informs me that any pre-recorded CDs work fine with his drives. However, if he burns one, neither his current CDR nor his new Sony CDR will read the disk.

ASPI problem? Any ideas?

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Has he added or subtracted any burning applications? What happens during the burn? Is he using media that is appropriate for the new Sony?

I knew I’d leave something out. A few weeks ago, WinXP quit recognizing any CDROM or CDR.

Error message: Windows cannot start this hardware because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged) (Code 19).

An uninstall of Roxio was performed which seemed to start the whole problem. I sent him a registry key deletion (from a KB at Microsoft). After doing that and a reinstall of WinXP, the drives seemed to be recognized. But now, they don’t seem to recognize any burned CDs, just pre-recorded.

I sent him the ASPICHK program to see what it reports back.

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He doesn’t need ASPI, and it may just complicate things. Has he installed any burning programs? If so, he should disable the XP burning utility.

After the first battle was over, I suggested he use Nero instead of Roxio. I’m assuming that’s what he was using, not 100% though.

He also tried whatever came with his new burner. Not sure what that was. Still no luck reading the burned CDs.

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He likely has an older version of Roxio, they are known for hosing XP and 2K. If he re-installed Roxio after the XP re-install then he’s back at square one. A registry search for Roxio, EasyCD and DirectCD can delete the offending keys.
The native XP burning application must be off for some others to work.

I’ll go from there and see what he’s done. I have a suspicion he reinstalled the big pig. :Z