CDR Media for Older CD Players

I am having trouble burning music CDs for the player in my 1998 Honda. Some CDR brands will not play. Even then the player takes a long time to recognize the CD and I can only start at track 01 and cannot skip to another track or select Random Play. Can anyone tell me of a brand of CDR that might work the best?

Hi zorro2020, welcome to our forum :slight_smile:

I dont think there will be anyone knowing what exact media you have to use. You will have to try yourself, using different media and writing them in different speeds to see which combination works best for your car cd player. I’d suggest using quality media such as Taiyo Yuden or Mitsubishi Chemicals etc. Writing them on lower speeds might also do the trick. If you are using a plextor drive, utilising its VariRec feature might also help.

You could try some older Verbatim discs. You can buy them as Verbatim Vinyl.

I’ve always used TY’s and Feurio! to burn for my older players, car players and just POS players with good results.