CDR media database



Hi All
Does anyone know if there is any kind of database which consolidates all this valuable info on CDR/player burner/software combinations. It seem this is really a very important issue judging from the numerous problems experienced by members. I am experiencing media fadeout from CDRs which are as little as 6 weeks old (but more typically year to 18months). Many of my VCDs are showing signs of age (screen freezes and glitches), not due to physical damage. So much for a much vaunted 20 year life span!!


There’s no way to construct a database of compatability and such stuff, as media is changing all the time. Your experience is typical of many of the lower quality CDR’s, which is why we strive for the lowest possible error rates on burned discs. Experience has taught us that the lower the error rate, the more stable the disc is over time. TY media still wins the prize for consistancy and stability over time, all the rest are runners-up. Verbatim DLP is also pretty stable when burned properly.
Here’s the thing, every drive burns media differently, and every drive has a preferance for a certain media type and burn speed. There’s no way to compensate for those differences in any sort of a database or reference. Often, the difference between a reliable disc and unreliable one is simply the burn speed on that particular drive.


OK point taken, one mans meat is another mans poison so to speak - what a can of worms eh? Not like the old days of diskettes which by and large worked ok and had generally 5 years reliability (ive still got working ones going back 10 years - but thats history. Where I live piracy, fakes etc are the norm, its difficult to get the genuine article (even a bottle of coke can be counterfeit!). The only thing i trust is fresh market vegetables.

What I am flagging up here is the incidence of extremely poor CDR media flooding the market here as evidenced by my burgeoning failure rates. Its rumoured to be coming out of China. The ATIP is largely discredited as any sign of origin of quality.

I can also sympathise with your view point. You must be inundated with data on media/hardware/software, very difficult to quantify all this in terms of ratings. Noone carries the specialised equipment to do BLERs testing.

Do you think its possible to distill the essence of all this to produce guidelines for mid range safe burning (not for the guys who want to push the limits). I am speaking for those who need to make backups, send out products etc without wasting time making coasters, or worse still upsetting customers.

A sort of 10 point guide to a quality burn such as

a) the quality media you suggested

b) burning speed limited to 24x say

c) quality burner such as??

d) quality software such as Nero 5x ?

and so on

Most of the guys I correspond with had no idea there was a problem, much alarm when some checked their backup cds. These are also working hacks who havent got the time or background to become knowledgeable in this complex area

What do you suggest


It’s not difficult, use only TY media if you can get it. Stick with LiteOn burners and burn at the “optimal” speed for the particular combination of drive and media.
LiteOn gives you the ability to test your burns with Kprobe or CDDr, and find the optimal speed for the media. Test every batch of media and burn accordingly. Most drives will burn TY extremely well at 32x or 40x.