Cdr Media and Write Speeds

My new LiteOn 52246S can write at 52x but in the past i’ve recalled seeing a max write speed on the imation cdr’s that i usually buy.

On the new package that i bought the other day, however, i can find a number like that.

Is it safe to write faster that the max write speeds that are on cdr packages?

Does the write speed not matter if there isnt one on the package?

The only thing that i can find that remotely answers these questions is something i found on LiteOn’s site that tells you whats the max speed that supports the Buffer Underrun Protection…which was 52x for my media…but thats not what im asking…


Use the search option. Type speed* AND max.
You can find several things also about the Liteon52246S.
Have also a look in the LiteOn forum.

Good luck ! :smiley: