CDR Manufacturer in Mumbai/India


Anyone knows who manufactures unbranded CDR in Mumbai/India.

Please reply.


PS : I need manufacturers & not distributors or importers

I don’t think there is any manufacturer other than Moser Baer.

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There are local manufacturers also.

I had a contact - it was in thane - lost the paper…damm

They have a factory in Thane Industrial Estate.

They manufacture real cheap cdrs.

One is in pune - Rs. 7 per cd !! But he want a larger order.

Their quality is much better than princo…

SONY CDR are also manufatured locally - in Delhi :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips.

I didn’t know there were local manufacturers of CD-Rs in india.

Good to know that there are.

Pl also let me know the contacts as i would also like to buy them if they are so cheap & good in quality. :bigsmile:

Best of luck for your Quest !!! :bow:

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Thanks for the links.

Can you please give me the name,phone number, email of the thane industrial estate CD Manufacturer? I have orders for few lakhs of unbranded blank CDRs. I require any CD manufacturer in India.

Originally posted by pps111
One is in pune - Rs. 7 per cd !! But he want a larger order.

Can u give the address of the deler in pune, & how mayn cds do we need to order

hi swap,

Thans for replying. Can you kindly provide me with the PUNE manufacturer’s contact information? I have orders upto 10 Lakh CDs.


hello all~
I’m new here. Did anyone have any luck finding a CDr manufacturer in India
in Pune?



Dear Friends,

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Sudhir Kumar

Can any one give me contact details of Manufacturer in Thane and/or pune ??
email –

We are the trader of cd in delhi any one want cd please call me at 011-31001747 Arjun

Best of luck

We are manufacture of blank cdr in delhi . Our brand is dataplus.ITS A Grade cdr with one to one replacement warranty. Its Specification is 52x/700mb/80 min… Its price is rs 7 per pc.Contact me at

Please email or PM D0MiN8ToR or MP | 3 for a price list regarding advertising on this site.

Please email or PM D0MiN8ToR or MP | 3 for a price list regarding advertising on this site.


This has become a CD Market place.

Does Rules/Policies allow this?

i think this is fine, we want good & cheap cd-r. :slight_smile:


Non-rejection CDR.
Best quality.

contact at

Do paste my post with it.

What is the price for branded cds, dvds and cdrs. what is the MOQ. call me at 9958806445