CDR-Info / CDR Identifier

I hope it’s the right forum…

Is it possible to use CDR-Info (the tool from Plextor) with other CD-writers, too ? Or only with Plextor ones? :confused:

Does anybody know which version of CDR-Identifier works with ASPI drivers v4.60 ? I hesitate to install the ASPI drivers v4.71 on my Win98SE system, as anything works fine with v4.60 at the moment.
Does it make sense at all to use an older version of CDR-Identifier, or do the older versions have problems to identify the new CD-Rs? :confused:

I run 98se and 2k sp3 dual boot and separately (after ghosting or drive image ) and dont have any probs with 4.60 , though with 2k i have to use force aspi as there is no support for multimedia in 2k.

:confused: So you are running the latest version of CDR Identifier - 1.63 - with the ASPI drivers 4.60 ? And no problems?

Does anyone has experiences with the Plextor CDR-Info Tool on Non-Plextor writers? Please… :bow: