CDR image burner?

I need to burn on a pc a CDR file from a mac but i just don’t know what program to use to make it work, any help i can get from nice ppl?:slight_smile:

Welcome to CD Freaks.

Maybe try ImgBurn.

cdr file from mac ain’t suported on a pc :frowning: thanks though

What format is it?


Try Blindwrite.

its CDR file from a Mac computer.

BUMP BUMP :frowning: no mac users here?

If you want us to help you, you’ll have to answer the question in post 4 (i.e. what is the file extension?).

its CRD or DMG file.

blindwrite does not work and i tryed also 5 game star img burn cdr win roxio nero alchool 120%. I guess only on a mac i can burn that :frowning: