CDR Freeze the drive Plz Help

I am having NEC 2500A and it’s flashed to Herrie BETA 5 and today when I tried to insert CDR, it’s get freezez, making some click click sound. I removed the disc, everything normal, again I tried with some other disc, same problem.
Please help me, I am scared, something wrong with my drive ???

Any packet writing software installed?
Autorun enabled? Try disabling it.
Windows XP IMAPI cd writing service running? Try disabling it.

After much research, I purchased the NEC 2500A. Installed it thismorning (replacing my beloved liteon CD burner). First inserted a CD then tried a DVD, green led lights up for 40 seconds, drive unable to recognise any disks, get a quiet “click click click…” noise as described by jungle.

Have since uninstalled InCD4, and turned off autorun as recomended by wesociety. Still no luck.

I have firmware v1.06 and am running W98se. It is set up as master on IDE 2 with a Pioneer DVD Rom as slave. It is connected to a 40 wire IDE cable - would this really be the reason for my problem? or am I just unlucky to have a duff drive? or any other likely causes?

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jim

@JCJC, the IDE cable is a definitely capable of being the culprit here.
You may also want to try disconnecting your Pioneer DVD ROM drive from the IDE cable and then testing the functionality of the NEC while it is secluded on its’ own cable.

Hi Wesociety,
thank you for your reply. I changed the cable, disconnected the Pioneer drive…still not accessing any disks. Guess the drive is faulty and needs to be returned.
Thanks again, Jim

If you have Norton Antivirus, turn off option to scan removable media at insertion and see if it helps.

Thank you docma, I use Mcafee, no difference whether it is disabled or not.

Should I replace drive with same or ask for refund? Am I just unlucky with this particular NEC drive? - made in China, March 04.

Sorry JCJC, I would not know how to advise you on that question.
Have a good day

Please someone help me.
Whenever I insert any CD in my NEC 2500A drive , I get lots of click click sound, after some time, eithe it go or my machine freeze. WHen I try to burn I get power calibration error and my CD buring failure.
I tried to use all sort of firmware.
Any one is also getting this type of error and what is remedy. Please help me…

What type of CDs?
Have you tried a different type?

Didn’t you attempt to help with this question 2 weeks ago?

Still no help…U I tried all types of media. It made some click click… But strange sometimes it worked too.

Thx RawHP, threads merged.
@jungle, it could be that your 2500A CD-R laser is going bad.
Can you install your 2500A in a different PC and try burning some CD-Rs there?
That will confirm whether or not it is a software/system config problem.