CDR for music?

What cdr are recommended for use for burnind music cds?Also is there any mode on burning software to increase compatibillity?

Anything branded Taiyo Yuden is an obvious choice.

Personally I’ve found Verbatim Pastels (a TY dye) and Super AZO to be among the best. Burning at 16x-24x should give excellent results, depending on your burner of course.

For Audio CDs there’s a super little free app called Burrrn ( that’ll take various input formats, converting on the fly & burning with CD-Text.

Can’t comment on how good their current fare is, but I’ve also had good luck with Ridata’s that I bought over a year ago and am still using to burn. There were a few disks that had some visible problems, in the one cakebox, but after discarding those discs, the others have burnt fine and are still playable in my car CD player (yep, leaving them in the extremes of my car does not seem to have affected their playability, yet).

NOT RECOMMENDED for use in computer drives are discs, that are sold as CD-R for audio. There is poor firmware support, and the much higher pricetag is merely a result of additional fees needed to feed the starving music industry :wink:


I’d go with TY or MIJ (TY) Verbatim CDRs (I have some “Extra Protection” ones here - I’ve used half one spindle, and they’re very good). Oh, and I like to burn audio at 16x. :slight_smile:

What is wrong with the audio cd-r and they are not recommended?I went to check some prices,and they were the most wxpensive ones,and even Verbatim,produces music cdr.

I did purchase a 25pack of tdk though since they were cheaper.I payed 9 euros,for 25 i would have payed 10 for 20 if i purchased verbatim.

I’ve read here that Audio CD-R media is expensive (but no better) just because extra taxes have been paid on them.

There seems to be nothing to justify buying these over normal high quality (already recommended) CD-R media.

That’s right, therock003, Audio CD-R doesn’t have any “quality” advantage over normal CD-R for recording music. Their sole reason of existence is for use in CD-recorders as found in some Hi-Fi systems. Because of their intended use for recording music [I]only[/I], you pay an extra copyright tax. The higher price is in [I]not [/I]related to higher quality… Music recorded onto normal CD-R with a PC will be just as good and/or compatible for your purpose (and costs only half as much).

If you still want “better” quality for your music CD’s, you can look into Plextor’s GigaRec and/or Yamaha’s AMQR (Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording) features.

I thought Yamaha sold off their technologies to NEC…?
I doubt that GigaRec really does improve quality even if reduced to something like 80%.


Don’t ya just love it when an OP asks a question - gets very good-qualified answers - and then does something completely different-eh!


Don’t know about NEC, but AMQR lives on in the Plextor Premium2, I believe.

Ok i get it guys,thanx,and my last question is,as far as compatibillity goes,is software a factor?

Are there any specific software that create more compatible music cds,or it doesn’t matter which one you use?

EAC (exact aidio copy) is a free program that’s supposed to be very good.

It’s a free download and thier site and others such as the Coaster Factory will help you get up and going.

There is an EAC forum where you can get help als.


Don’t know about your area but here the Maxell CD-R Music labeld MIJ are TY and work very well in my computer drives, and they cost no more than other media.
Maxell CD-R Pro are also TY and are triple coated for scratch protection and do cost more.

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Jeez Rock003, where are you paying €10 for 20 Verbatims?..seems a bit excessive.
I just picked up a spindle of 50 Verbatims for €11 here in a normal shop in Germany.

I use Roxio V7.5 for my music CDs, both mp3 & Audio.

However, I’ve frequently used Burrrn , as I recommended earlier, to burn Audio CDs. It’s free , simple & does a good job.

A burn speed of 16x is most often recommended here as being best for quality.


I’m from Greece, and i’m now on vacation on a greek island,and this is the prices i get here.

Now if you could tell me where to get those…
(Are they MIC, by the way?)


shouldn’t be a problem of getting Verbatim Pastels MIJ for that price in an ordinary warehouse or at Staples. But I admit that the sources seem to be drying up. Also Verbatim DLP seem to vanish…


What? DataLifePlus?
Yes, DataLifePlus MIC is becoming rare. But the unsealed MIIs are still widespread here.
I better stock up on Pastels then. K&M has Plextor CD-R but at a ridiculous price. :frowning:
Seems I have to use Ridata Ritek CD-R (which aren’t bad and are cheap to get here), Maxell Ritek CD-R (which I trust more) or maybe Sony CD-R then. I really have to get a drive which supports CD scanning…