CDR Diagnostic test with liteon 40x

Just did a test burn with cdrwin 3.9a using a 24x certified OEM no brand media at full speed (MAX). CDR Diagnostics reported the following when I did a moderate scan for errors

Is this result acceptable? Or am I just being too paranoid?

There should preferrably be no errors.

Many no-name discs is really not good quality.

Could you try to use feurio or CD-R identifier to find the manufacturer information? Discs from CMC magnetics that is not grade A is likely to have some errors whem written at high speeds for example. And it’s the smae with many other low quality brands as well.

Thanks for the tip. What kind of dye is considered Grade A?

Well normally the grade have nothing to do with the DYE.

Grade A is normally sold as known brand discs.
Grade A- may be sold as less known brand discs.
And Noname/OEM maybe be even lower grades like B…