Bad Service


I usually use ukdvdr or svp for my blank media, but I thought I’d try for once. Boy, do I regret it.

I placed an order on June 28th and my credit card statement showed it having been debited on 30th June. I still haven’t received my order (4th August).

I’ve tried leaving several telephone messages, can’t get through on the fax number and sent several emails. I have had two email replies over the period, promising my order by the end of that week. Needless to say, I’m still waiting.

I don’t like badmouthing a company like this, but don’t know what else to do. Has anyone else had a bad experience with this company, or is it just me???

Wow slipped_disc, sorry to hear you got a bad experience so far :(…like you, I usually use SVP.

Sounds like they were quick enough to take your money. Hopefully the goods won’t be far behind.

Word of mouth counts for a lot around these parts, so keep us posted on how things go with them!

Good luck (fingers crossed), and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve never used them, but to be honest, I don’t know why you would. The prices are very high compared to other suppliers. :cop:

To be fair, the price wasn’t too bad. I live in Northern Ireland, so it always pays to shop around and check the postage costs. We’re still in the UK so Royal Mail should cost the same as for the mainland, but courier costs are always dearer.

From memory I had chosen Royal Mail 2nd class for delivery (the most economical) - just didn’t expect be be waiting for over 5 weeks for a few blank CDs :frowning:

Contact your credit card company explain the situation and get a refund.
Just order from a company with a good rep, I have used SVP and recomend them to you.

Glad I’m not the only one!!

Place my order on the 27th, money debited on the 1st of August but still no goods.

Have tried calling and emailing but had no response to either.

I’ve used them before and never had a problem. Not sure what’s going on.

Let me know if you have any luck extracting the goods from them.

Well, I just registered to say that i’m in the same position. I’ve never had a problem with them before, but I ordered my goods almost 2 weeks ago, and still haven’t recieved them. I have emailed them, and left messages on their answering machine (nobody ever picked up over the 2 days I tried ringing them) but nothing.

They have always been very helpful in the past, so I can’t understand this. I paid using switch, so do you think I will be able to get a refund from my bank? Its only £10, but still… nobody likes getting ripped off!

Thanks for your posts. Another company to avoid (as I don’t rate ukdvdr either) like the plague. Why they treat cusomers like that when it’s only going to destroy their business after word gets round is a mystery. It’s like they haven’t heard of the internet or something…

Like Puzl I’ve registered to share my bad experience with CDR by Mail.
They charged me 26 quid two months ago and I still haven’t received my order.
They haven’t replied to my emails, phone messages or letters.
I’ve just involved my bank to try to get a refund - I’ll post back if I get any success.

bobidot, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

puzl, a belated welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

slipped_disc & bionicaardvark, an extremely belated welcome to CDFreaks! :o :flower:

I’m sorry to hear about your problems with!

I second weedougie’s advice about contacting your credit-card company to refund the payment. I’m not sure how good the consumer protection is where you live, but if they are the same as here (Denmark) then it should be possible to get your money back by contacting the credit-card company and signing a form.

Just to update. They contacted me today appologising for the delay (blaming it on “email problems”). Of course, this doesn’t excuse the lack of contact from telephone messages I left, but they did say my order would be with me in the next few days. We shall see… perhaps there is hope yet? :wink:

Thanks for the update! And well, I’d still keep my fingers (and toes) crossed. :slight_smile:

Well, my DVD-R’s arrived today! I really don’t know what to think… I mean i’m happy they’re here, but they did take almost a month to be sent. I won’t be buying from them again, but at least they did honour the sale. Hopefully the rest of you guys who have had problems with them will get your orders too.

puzl, I’m happy to hear that you finally got your DVD-R media delivered!
Waiting almost a month for something you have paid for is a frustrating experience, and definitely not something that inspires confidence in the shop.

Hopefully these are rare cases and not something that happens to a lot of customers, because like you, nobody want to go through that experience twice with the same shop.

I got soooooo sick of these guys I decided to “waste” my precious time and Google and see if others have experienced diabolical “service” also. I believe the company was sold fairly recently (earlier this year) and since then the problems began. I registered just to make my voice heard.

I ordered on 5 Sep 2006. They debited the credit card on 6 Sep 2006. Shipping was 3-5 working days.

On the 13 Sep 2006 I emailed to ask where the order was and did not receive a reply.

On the 16 Sep 2006 I emailed to say that if it does not arrive by the 19 Sep to cancel the order (as it would be of no use to me). I received no reply.

I called MANY times, no answer.

On the 18 Sep 2006 I emailed them again to cancel it if it does not arrival by the 19 Sep 2006. I received no reply.

On the 7 Oct 2006 I emailed them:

I will seek a credit card dispute and will not order from your company

On the 9 Oct 2006 I emailed them again requesting a refund.

On the 9 Oct 2006 they emailed me back for the first time in a month!:

Sorry for not being in contact sooner, but we have been experiencing a few problems with staff and are moving premises very soon. We do not have any stock of the Taiyo Yuden CDR at the moment…One, now ex, member of our small team was not doing their duties properly
and then left without any notice

On the 21 Oct 2006 I emailed them again requesting a refund.

Today (23rd Oct 2006) received this:

We will process your refund as soon as possible during the 30 day period (from the date of the request) in which we have to process refunds by law. We have not forgotten about it, but we must deal with refund requests
preceding your own first.

WTF? Can they not count days? They are quoting 30 days are the legal requirement and if you add up the days we are already outside of this since I requested a refund FFS.

So I am still waiting for a refund. What a lot of hassle for some blank CDs!

I am going to switch to trying the companies recommended by others here.

I’m now looking at writing to the office of fair trading Etc. as they are in clear breach of consumer law (for example you must refund within 30 days of being requested. Anybody care to join me?

Just an update on what happened in my case:
I ordered cds from them in July and after numerous emails and letters which they didn’t answer I cancelled in September and got advice from Trading Standards.
When I sent a letter threatening them with involving Trading Standards I eventually got an email saying they would return my money. I then waited a further 2 weeks and got nothing.
After Trading Standards contacted them on my behalf I got my money back last week - it took 3 months. CDR by Mail’s excuse was that they were moving premises.
I would never use this company again and would strongly advise against anyone else using them either.
My advice Arthur, contact Trading Standards, it was the only thing that got a proper response in my case.

On the 23rd October 2006 I received this email after pointing out they were in excess of the legal 30 days:


There is no-one left in the office with the authority to perform refunds at the moment. I will make sure this is processed first thing in the morning and the funds should show in your account within 3 days.

Please accept our apologies for this oversight.

It is the 7 November 2006 and again nothing has been received.

Still no refund. I contacted the credit card company who is now going to refund the money (“retailer dispute”). I spoke with trading standards and they said it was not in their remit and to call Consumer Direct. I’m not so sure as my experience with trading standards in Edinburgh is that they do nothing.