CDR burning Problem.. UGH :(

SOOO confused. Ok I had just reformatted my HD about a month ago and I put all the stuff that I wanted back on here like games and AIM and just that sort of stuff… So I went about everything like normal how I always do… I went to burn a song and it started giving me trouble and it didnt burn the first trac but it burnt the rest… So then after a few of those it stopped burning completely. As in it would start up and start spinning the cd then it would stop (like 4%) into it and it would spin up again and them stop and spit the cd out and say cannot complete burning process… So i was like wtf is this? So I thought the burner was dead. Went and bought another one and… Same thing ! SO I bought different cds and the same issue. So i used like 3 different programs including WMP and RP and nero and stuff. Same thing. After all that money lol it didnt change anything. I tried different speeds and everything it will just start up and stop start up stop and eject. im clueless onthis one guys.

symptoms of a dying drive. other possibles: DMA enabled ?
Up-to-date motherboard chipset drivers ?

Nah, it’s not a dying drive since he already tried a new one which showed the same problems. deftoner500, it would be helpful if you would let us know the details of your system (hardware, set-up, chipsets, drivers). For instance, are you running an nForce based motherboard? If so, it’s best not to use the nVidia IDE drivers since they can cause a lot of problems. Also, check your DMA setting as Ghosters suggested. Check out this thread on how to do that. Welcome to the forums btw :wink:

oops, my mistake. didn’t see that he’d tried another drive :frowning: