CDR burn quality with LiteOn 1213S@1633S with cheap CMC media?




For a few years now I’ve been burning VCD’s with my old Sony CRX175E2 without any problems and this was with cheap CMC media from WalMart (Durabrand). I bought the LiteOn 1213S because I read that LiteOn’s had decent CDR quality as well as for KProbe and the support that I saw here for the LiteOn’s. Unfortunately, I’m getting the following scans with the LiteOn (see attachment). I’ve also attached a scan from the Sony. Note that I thought that slowing down the burn might help so I burned the one on the LiteOn at the same speed as the Sony’s max which is 24X.

Anything I can do to improve the CMC CDR burns on the LiteOn? If not then I guess that I’ll stick with the Sony for this batch and buy better media the next time around.



You may try CS09/CS0C to see if there are any improvement.

Did you try the original 1213S firmware? Is the result even worse?


@ HerronScott
Is the readability or playability affected in either of these discs? that should be the final test. IMHO I feel the first burn(Lite-on) is (argueably)better that the second(Sony) by having only a few PIF single spikes, while the second burn has a slightly thick error(green) spike. I would guess that the second burn would fail to play before the first one would. The first burn is within specs where the second burn has errors.


Abalone, I did not try this with the original 1213S firmware as I’m also burning DVD’s and get better results with the BS41R firmware (and when are they going to release updated original firmware for the 1213S!). I was holding off on the CS09/CS0C since the BS41R is working so well with my current DVD+R’s.

Please, this was the first disk which showed a green bar like that on the Sony burn - the rest have all been clean and in all cases KProbe is reporting 0 C2 errors (even the one with the green bar) while the LiteOn burns are reporting a number of C2 errors and many more C1 errors. I think the green bar is an aberration but I’ll know more when we play the VCD’s.

Thanks for the replies.