CDR and Very Large Files Problem



I’ve recently been having a problem with some CD’s that I’ve written to distribute files to some people. Mostly these are collections of files that either update custom databases or are graphical files. When I send these files it’s very important that they go to the correct paths and drives and also that it’s easy for the person who gets the CD to be able to use it.

What I’ve been doing until recently is to grab all the files I need, place them in a Zip file then change the Zip file to a self-extractor so all the person has to do is place it on the correct drive and everything falls into place.

The problem I’ve found is that with very large files (>250Mb) if the person is using an IDE CDROM drive then the copy/extract simply fails to work. This has never been a problem for me as I use all SCSI for CD but after trying it on quite a few different machines it seems to be an inherent IDE problem.

The most common problem is that either the unzip will say it’s a bad archieve (which it isn’t, unzips correctly on SCSI) or if you try to copy it onto a HD then extract it will simply hang mid-copy.

This is becoming more and more of a problem as the size of files gets bigger and most of my clients don’t have SCSI. The only way round it is to break the archieve up into 1.44Mb or 2.88Mb sections in which case it works fine but I cannot then have it run as an exectueable file which means that some people then have problems getting the process right which means they could screw the whole system up.

Does anyone know why the IDE controller seems to choke on large CD files and if there is any way to fix this…?