I am a programmer…i am currently developing a cd burning program in VB. I want that my program is only capable of reading and burning in CDR and not CDRW. That if a CDRW is on the drive it cannot be detected.

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I do not know what you are using, but my advice would be to detect that it is a CD-RW and disable the controls that allow burning (like, the “burn” button or the Burn command).
You should probably be able to detect if it is CD-R or CD-RW, check the documentation of the methods you are using.


Why would anyone wants such a thing???


I’m using VB6…our client wants only CDR so that its content can’t be deleted.


The reason why I want only CDR because it is the requirement of our client. They are a large bank and they want to protect the integrity of their files.


I understood about Visual Basic, I was asking about the API functions you have access to - do you use a vendor SDK, are you trying to reach manually the native functions, etc. But whatever it is, you can detect whether the disc is rewritable or not. And once you do detect it, you can tell the program what to do - i.e., not permit burning, that part should be easy.
Also, keep in mind that if the disc remains open (multisession), one can later add data without importing the previous information first - in that case the information can be lost too, although it is physically there on the disc.