CDP32 "secure ripper" unreliable

I just posted the article CDP32 “secure ripper” unreliable….

ljpp used our newssubmit to tell us about the new CDP32 “secure ripper” which we reported about some time ago. It seems CDP32 isn’t that reliable at all…


Recently we (and…

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Clonecd does all we need, nothing out there can touch it at the moment.

Clone CD has very little to do with this post. Exact Audio Copy is a bit more like it!! :wink:

Currently CloneCD is NOT RECOMMENDED for audio, but Olli has promised to make it a secure & exact audio reader in the future.

CDP32 CAN BE TRUSTED. DRIVES WITH BUGGY FIRMWARE AIN’T I am telling you upfront I was involved in the development of CDP32 so I may be biased but… I was expecting a much more technical comparison CDP32 vs EAC from Pio. There are no actual speed figures in different modes, not even the CDP32 mode was specified for the test on the perfect CD. The drive selected for audio extraction is known for its DAE problems (thats where 2 sec chopped off the WAV files came from). Another issue is that the above drive has problems with subchannel interpretation and CDP32’s error correction as actually based on that… Try CDP32 in lets’s say mode L4 on a decent drive like recent Plextor or Sony or Toshiba you’ll see the difference. We’ve had tremendous positive feedback from people being able to perfectly rip scratched CDs on drives capable of proper reading of audio subchannels. On the other hand, not much can be done about a completely ruined CD…well if there is a hole in the CD and the bits simply aint there (I mean lots of them much more than CRC can correct) no ripper can put them back CDP32 was started as we confronted an interesting problem trying to retrieve audio from damaged legacy CDs for forensic purposes thats why CDP32 at least is able to retrieve what’s left readable from a badly damaged CD while other rippers incl EAC give up As per the logging, we actually took out EAC-like error log as we incorrectly thought it would confuse the users… it appears that the users want it so we’ll piut it back in the next version As per the diagnostic log in CDP32 “Async command completion error” does not mean that an error has been found on the CD… Folks familiar with SCSI and ASPI programming would know that the above error message simply indicate the status received back from ASPI. The adaptive DAE engine utilizes extensive SCSI probing and those probes quite often cause the above message which has no correlation with the physical errors on the CD The diag log in CDP32 is not an end user log, but a debugging log left there for the developers So it is not correct to judge the quality by sheer presence of the diag messages. As for the ERR light it not only comes on when a media error has been detected but also when CDP32 performs jitter correction Truly yours AudioFan