CDMenuBuilder 1.0 Released

I just posted the article CDMenuBuilder 1.0 Released.

Bytes4U used our newssubmit to tell about his software; CDMenuBuilder.

So hehe No RC1 … I uploaded the Final version of CDMenuBuilder 1.0 with a fully working editor, Encrypted menu file, and…

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itsed ised veryd goodied thated it caned beed created … IF YOU CANT SPELL THEN FUCKING DONT WRITE AN ARTICLE YOU LAME MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Take it easy. Relax, and take a soda.

l8me ass… i wrote the article and i know that my english is not very good… but if people understand what i mean then what’s the meaning of good spelling. :d

:7 Yeh, doesnt matter as long as the news is good does it? Gonna download and give it a go

It aint free, it’s $20 to register!!! “Shareware” :r

exactly my point. 1) the man cant spell i have counted like over 50 spelling errors, not that well. and considdering you make a product which uses ALOT of english. PLEASE get a dictionary dumbass! 2) Why the fuck announce shareware on this forum, there is like 20 cdmenu’s out there which can be downloaded for free. and you announce a lamer which cant read and spell, and cant make a proper menu - just try to close the fucker down in win2k … good luck! Happy resetting… :7

I Shall make my site dutch :slight_smile: … For you Bill : Get lost, I spend to much time on my program to let it be freeware. and all the cdmenuz on the net are not as good as mine and none of them have for example interernal DivX Playback and Mp3 Playback. So go fool with your mother sucker. :r

Not going to get into any arguments here, but if BillieGates wants to insult non native English speaking posters about their grammar and diction, then shouldn’t he check his reply first so that he doesn’t look like a complete fool… “considdering” only has a single “d” in it.

The link does not work!!!:c:c:c

link is working again :wink:

Nip you horses ass, maybe the reason i used 2 !!! d’s in that line was because the word spastic used the letter d in his word “created” … so happy wordhunting, and to you Bytes4u - hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha!! divx playback… Ooooooh! its very very hard to implement a standard windows player fucking moron, why dont you go back to your niggerloving class and play with your dutch 15 year old cock!? … jesus fucking christ!!! my 9year old nephew can make an menu better than your delphi shit , and btw, nice graphics in your “menu” retard… it looks like you are a great artist we just havent been thanking enough for your contribution to “lets make everything windows standard shape!” … fucking lamer , why dont you simply admit that you cant program, or rather fucking start working on that menu. before you release that piece of shit to a forum like this!? . who the hell want your lameass shareware when they can pickup any free menu in like 10 seconds. or as you would have said: “I very bad engelish. i like make mennu. i want money man. send money for my menushit!” i just want to end this discussion by saying “JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS!” and holy shit! this kid is far beyond reach. god bless you with a brain! Cya!!

First of all you don’t know anything about programming : this Menu is build in VB (for you Visual Basic). And DivX Playback is not Trough Windows Media Player but Trough 100% API code. And don’t talk about that i’m 15 , and that i love nigers… You one fucking cocksucking Fucker Asshole. And if you’re nephew build better menuz… then go to him… why are you looking then in the first place to this NEWS SUBMIT and not FORUM asshole… Damn you’re damn stupid sucker. And grafix are not in the menu … That will all come when i have time for it… Damn Ban this guy from CDFReaks He Sucks (niger-cocks) :slight_smile:

It’s a bit rich for Billie to criticise Bytes4U on his grammer when it’s clear little Billie’s got a few problems of his own: “i have counted LIKE over 50 spelling errors, not that well.” “Why the fuck announce shareware on this forum, there is LIKE 20 cdmenu’s out there” He also seems to have problems using capital letters at the beginning of sentences and full-stops at the end.

I say chaps it’s all getting a bit too much for an old english school teacher like me, I wish that you would all learn to get on with each other and the world would be a better place, having a bit of a go at someone who is typing in english when this is not their native language is a bit rough don’t you think, one should never critisize others who are lacking in an area that you also obviously fail in, it is just not on and damned bad manners to boot, hmmm or I could say “BillieGates you toss pot leave the kid alone” <he he>

It’s amazing to see how people’s ignorance can make them in an Arrogant person. The fact that I cannot write english makes me a lame MF. I wonder how that writer would feel if the roles were reversed. My friend this is a small world. I will also say, I can curse more than you can imagine. I n my country I get arrested for using the curse words I know.

MadBob: finally a person with a brain :slight_smile: cheers buddy :slight_smile: and Bytes4U : umm!! there is a veeery big difference between VB and Delphi huh? daaaamn! and i dont know anything about programming? well that makes 2 of us kiddo :wink: hehehe… btw, “He Sucks (niger-cocks)” — hmm! what is a niger ? a person from nigeria ? in that case i must admit that i dont like that. ive tried to suck a nigerian PUSSY once, it was quite good - but i guess you are more likely to suck dick huh boylover? HAHAHAHAHA! well peace Bytes4none, and rest on your legal version of Visual Basic, because it IS legal, i mean , you wouldnt make a shareware program with a pirated copy of VB would you now? :d hehehehe!

I always register Programming languages by the maker… also VB ($100)

hahahaha… yeah right :slight_smile:

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