CDMenuBuilder 0.02 Beta Released



I just posted the article CDMenuBuilder 0.02 Beta Released.

Bytes4U used our newssubmit to tell us:

A long time ago 2 people where also building a Custum cd menu. Dazzle and EwareZ. Now they both stopped the projects… it’s time to continue and build…

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Some Reactions about the program are welcom on mail and through this news msg. greetz Bytes4U


Had a look and it’s the Crazy Bytes Menu yeah? :8 Anyway, looks pretty cool but didnt see how you can use it yourself, unless that’s just coming in the future? :stuck_out_tongue: Be interested in a user version.


Offcourse you can edit the menu in the future . Alot of features will be in the next versio **** a Editor and a Encrypted database… This is just the First Public Beta so don’t expect to much from it :slight_smile: Bytes4U


Thats ok :wink: Looks very promising