Cdmate problem

I downloaded a cmi cd image from the net, but i can’t open it in any way. If i try to burn it down with cd mate i get the following error message (on the opening of the file):
Failed to detect file size of specified imagefile.

I read on the cd mate forum that is a already experienced problem, the image file was created with an older version of cd mate, and the new version of the program is not capable of opening it anymore. I obiouvsly don’t know what version of cdmate was used to make this image.

How can i convert/burn my image?
Any ideas?


CD Mate CMI image files are not directly supported (to my knowledge) by file image utilities. Apparently they are not even supported by CD Mate.:bigsmile:

You could try downloading the freeware CDMage and use the generic “All CD image files (.) setting” to open the CMI file. This may allow you to correctly identify the structure and possibly extract the image files to your hard drive.

ISOBuster works similarly, but CMI is not a supported file format.

Mhhhhhhhhh…i can’t find the “All CD image files (.) setting” on the open window, and cmi is not directly supported.I tried to open the file anyway but without success.
Sigh :confused: sigh
Thanks anyway