CDmate CIRC question

I was wondering if the CIRC will mess up the SD2 protection of a game. I know that when I tried to burn Operation Flashpoint, which is a SD2 protection, i get an error, i have heard that with CloneCD you had to Use fast error Correction with repair Error set to None, this takes hours to make an Image file with either one of my Cd-roms (a Lite-on 24102B or a lite-on DVD 12X) i wanted to know if this CIRC option will make a good copy and not take all day. My burner is capable of copying SD2 and pretty much any other protection i have come accross.

In your situation, just ignore the CIRC problem of your GAME - “Operation Flashpoint”, I have tried to burn it last week. It is okey if you are using CD Mate or Fantom CD.
And your writer is capable of copying SD2 , just burn it.

If you still be wondering about the accurate of data, just use Fantom CD to dump it first and emulate it with Fantom CD. If everything is okey for playing game/running program, use the Fantom CD to burn it.

Fantom CD support DAO/SAO, RAW SAO, RAW SAO+SUB, RAW DAO now and the TAO support will be soon.

thanks for your help, Are you trying to say not to use the CIRC option, or are you saying that it is okay to use it, i just wanted to know if there was a faster way of making an Image file since it takes so long to make one on certain SD2 Cds. what options did you use when making your copy of Flashpoint, i will try playing around with settings tonight, but i just wanted to know if i can save my self some time and some Cds by asking other people that might have already done it. thanks for all the help

I have liteon 24x. Just upgarde the firmware and it will be faaaaaaast.

It is okey to use this option and burn it!!