CDmage: CD image handling tool

I just posted the article CDmage: CD image handling tool….


Very usefull tool that let’s you e.g. browse images without burning them first.

Features-list taken from the website:

.support for Mode1/2048,…

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Hey that sounds cool…

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Close one Redneck!!

Wooohoow! now that’s a long list! now i’ve got to see the program working, and then we’ll see…

Clonecd is the very best there is…

I think the first line should say … withOUT burning them first. Am I wrong. otherwise it would make no sense, right?

To be honest Cdmage doesn’t allow to run images without burning them first (like VirtualCD or Virtual Drive). I’m working on it, but it’s not available yet.

Author of CDmage.

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This list is HUGE!!

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ive used this program for sometime and it does the job and does it well!!