CDInfo doesn´t alway work?

I built an application for automated backup on CD/DVD with NeroCOM/VB6.
It´s based in many parts on the example posted by unison some months ago (thanx again for this!).
My problem is, that this app works fine as long as normal CD-Recorders are used as burning device. On some DVD-Recorders though, the CDinfo-method does not work/OnDoneCDInfo doesn´t fire. This is the case on one Recorder in a notebook (Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R6112 -Note: This actually IS a recorder, even if the name states otherwise) and another one in a desktop computer (LiteOn LDW-851S).
Another DVD-Recorder I tried a few weeks ago (built in with a Discounter-Computer) worked fine; that one was a Pioneer DVR-107D, I believe.
So, my question is now, is it possible that NeroCOM has problems with certain recorders or can it be an issue with drivers/aspi´s etc.?
On all machines Nero version or above were installed.

Hope anyone can help me.

Does the event not fire regardless of whether there is a disc in the recorder?

Can you please try running NeroCMD in a Command Prompt and see if you get a response? (You might want to change directory to “C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero” or wherever Nero was installed in order for NeroCMD to be found and executed)

nerocmd --cdinfo --drivename [b]F[/b]

… where F is the drive letter of your recorder.

>Does the event not fire regardless of whether there is a disc in the >recorder?

Yes, that´s correct. It doesn´t fire whether or not there´s a disc inserted.

>Can you please try running NeroCMD in a Command Prompt and see if you >get a response? Code: […]

When no disc is inserted, I get the response "error obtainig CD info (of course)

When there is a disc inserted, everything seems to be right, I get whole lotta info, including the one I would need in my own application, like session-track numbers, total capacity and so on.

I guess this means that everything is ok with drivers and aspi, right?

I now have found some new interesting things:

The recorder in the other desktop-computer was an ldw-811s not 851s (don´t know if this matters though). On that same pc, cdinfo within my application works, if I insert a CD/DVD after the call. On the laptop this procedure fails nonetheless.
Also on the desktop, the nerocmd parameter --recursive does not work. I.e., I tried different variations to burn a backup DVD and everytime I inserted “–recursive”, nothing happened at all. No Messages, nothing. Longest time I waited was about 10 minutes, but I´m quite sure, there wouldn´t have happened anything after that.
On the recorder in the laptop on the other hand, nerocmd works well, even with the “–recursive” parameter. The only difference is, that on the laptop, the “system-aspi” is installed, on the desktop not. Both run Winxp SP1 as OS and have actual hardware (P4 and ATA 100 HD a.o.).

So,I´ve made some more experiences…
I changed the recorder on the desktop-PC where nerocmd and my app do not work. Now nerocmd works ´til “caching of files”, then it hangs and eventually needs to be stopped by the taskmanager. My own app does not work either (still the same problem with CDInfo). Neroexpress works properly. The new recorder had a special OEM-Version which seemed to me to be tailored a bit to it. I though updated it to version after installation.

Anyone an idea?

I am having the same exact problem. Ursbjoern … did you find a solution ???