Cdinfo ? Delphi?

I can get a lot info about the drives and the media type except the cd info. Where does the procedure/method “INorodrive.cdinfo()” put the results??

I declare a variable INeroCDinfo but it stays NULL before and after calling cdinfo method and it does not have a create method.

There is nothing more to do than just calling cdinfo?

Is there anyone who can help ??

You should handle OnDoneCDInfo event. It will supply you with the needed INeroCDInfo.

Could anyone give a sample because I’m trying to figure out how to fire those events, but no results. I tried to declare something like “myevent:_INeroDriveEvents” but I just get exceptions.

I neither can fire from mydrive:INeroDrive like mydrive.OnDoneCDinfo.

I’d like to look at the VB sample but I don’t have VB.

I won’t be able to do anything until I figure out how to fire all those events:confused:

Sorry, can’t help you further, especially with Delphi. You might want to search for some previous posts.

It just seems like it’s impossible to use this with Delphi:a :a :a

Should I go learn VB or something ??

There is nobody who got it working with Delphi:a :a :a

It seems like the problem is that “INeroCDInfo” is null and must be created somehow. As far as I know in VB you don’t have to create or declare variables before you can use them, this could be the problem using NeroCom in delphi.

Anybody any suggestions how to handle the problem that “INeroCDInfo” is null ?

There is nobody who got it working with Delphi:a :a :a

Hm… I was able to find at least two threads on topic.