CDImage alternative


CDImage is a great tool - especially in combination with CDImageGUI.
But there is the only beta 3 version aviable on the whole net, isn’t it?

my question:
I need a new verson of this great tool, or an modified.
My Problem is, that CDImage seems to lay down work with source directories larger than (in my case) 7GB.
the calculated final image size will/would be about 3GB.

“Insufficient disk space for J:\australia.iso (need 5000000000 bytes)” is the message at about 15GB free space in real

I hope anyone can tell me an application doing the job,
or to bugfix the original image.
Probably there is only an old given max value!?


Try using MagicISO, It can handle CD/DVD image up to 10G.

I can handle large images also with winimage, winiso oder isobuster.

My intention is to use the function of CDImage to write duplicated files only once through a crosslink.

see discription at