I have a prob! I recently installed some software with Cdilla Protection. This has since been removed when I formatted my machine. When I now reinstall using the same serial and cd-key numbers it wont accept my authorisation code. is it possible to tweak the .dat file to allow me access?:confused:


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WTF is this for een answer?? Stupid ass…

Which program/Game do you mean??

Sorry about “miaa…” my little prother get the access and wrote these stupid things!

My solution try to use regcleaner and remove game install files (all) from you computer and then use softwares that can edit registry easyly and find game registry and remove it…

I don’t know works this but this is my solution if I have that problem I will do that way! least try… :wink:

It’s a piece of Design Software just on the market. Editing the Reg won’t help as I have just Formatted My Machine again!! :wink: