*.cdi file cannot burn?!?

This *.cdi file I need to burn with Diskjuggler… but it doesn’t work!? :frowning:

It’s an MP3 player for my Dreamcast. I got it from www.dccopyworld.com



What doesn’t work? Is it that the image file does not burn or is it that the CD won’t run in the DC.:confused:

If i try to burn the image i get an error?!?!

I think I read somewhere that you have to burn DC images with the old Diskjuggler 2.xx, and not version 3.xx, but i can’t test it cauz I haven’t got that old version.

The new Diskjuggler burns *.cdj
and the image is *.cdi

The NFO file says you have to burn it with Diskjuggler…


I think you are right there is an incompatibility between version 2 and 3. Try doing a search dor the old discjuggler, I do have it but am moving at the moment so can’t email it

Thanks!!! But I can’t find the old version :frowning:

Anyone has it?