CDG question to iso possible lossless conversion



Okay, this is going to be two things, 1) My first post (albeit, not a newbie to the whole CDG copying thing) 2) and odd question, but with good merit.

First, I can copy my original CDGs with a number of programs I own, or are free. I used to copy them and then the mp3+g format came about. I use a virtual djing software package (I have two different packages I own).

Second, I’m in the process of NOW converting all my disks to the mp3+g format (and I know how to do that). When the disk is “New” the conversion goes QUICK and usually painless… however, on some of my more played disks that may have some scratches, it goes a little slower and ultimately I get artifacts on the sub-coded "g"raphics associated with the audio. I’ve cleaned and repaired the disks to no avail.

So here’s my question: Assuming that a CDG disk is a DATA disk… that is just ones and zeros, couldn’t I simply make an IDENTICAL copy in the form of an image file and then mount that image and THEN convert the file to mp3+g?

Okay, assuming I can get that done and I can get the software to do that, is there a way to CONFIRM that the image that is lifted/ripped/cloned from the original disk is IDENTICAL on the HDD as an image so that when I do the conversion, there is no error possibility from the light of the laser mis-reading the sub-code?

I think what I’m looking for is a PHOTOSTATIC copy of the disk INSIDE my PC as an image and then attempt to get a better graphics file from that.

Thanks for your attention to this and I hope someone can help and I may become an integral part of your community as I’ve been and admirer for a while.

This sub-code can VERY EASILY be mis-read by the CD read/writer.


@ pcgumshoe,

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Karaoke CD+G CDs are noted for their fragility in that their sub-code data can be easily damaged and the graphics can become distorted.

I have had success in “repairing” scratched Karaoke CD+G CDs by using Brasso Metal Polish to polish away the scratches. I then immediately make a backup duplicate copy using MTU Microstudio.

Below is some information on using Brasso Metal Polish to remove scratches from CDs.

Below is a link to the excellent MTU Microstudio Karaoke CD+G software program.

When I have found that the Karaoke CD+G sub-code graphics is so distorted that polishing does not remove the distortion I then use the MTU Microstudio “Repair Damage Disk - Custom Assembly Tab” function and then rebuild the graphic file.

I believe you will be hard pressed to find this “Photostatic Copy” software program that you are looking for.

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Thanks… I have MTU’s programs… used to Beta for them… I just can’t imagine that we are dealing with a digital product and there’s NO way of making an identical digital image on the computer of it… no form of “error” checking.

I never saw the “repair” option in MTU… and these disks work fine in a player… they just come up poorly when converted to mp3+g


@ pcgumshoe,

I have not tried DVD Decrypter on a Karaoke CD+G. I have used DVD Decrypter on difficult to rip DVDs and the ripper is excellent. When DVD Decrypter would run into a parts of data that were difficult to read correctly it would ping away until it could read the data correctly. Quite possibly DVD Decrypter might be able to correctly read parts of a Karaoke CD+G that is distorted due to a scratch. If you are interested in trying DVD Decrypter on a Karaoke CD+G that contains a scratch you need to set up DVD Decrypter to rip in the Mode ISO to ensure that the sub-channel data is captured correctly.

It should be noted that finding a live download link to DVD Decrypter is somewhat difficult these days because it was removed from circulation do to problems with the MPAA and Macrovision. As of this posting time/date the below download links are working.

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