Cdg mp3 files

:confused: hi can anyone help me i have just got some karaoke songs in cgd files and mp3 files how can i burn them to a disk so i can play on a dvd player my software i use is nero. burner is plextor

Does your standalone player support CDG ?
Does your standalone player support MP3s?
If so, just burn them as a data CD and pop them in your DVD player.

ive tried but all i get is audio when i downloaded them they were rar files can i make a disk without conveting them please help ive been trying for a week and wasted loads of disks

:cop: I’m assuming you have rights to theses files and are only “backing up” your stuff…

The below link should be useful to you…

Karaoke playground

If your standalone player does not support cdg, you will have to convert them vcd/mpg and then burn disk as a (s)vcd

VCD was created first created as a karaoke format

A friend of mine bought a DVD player from Blockbuster.
It may have been a Daewoo:confused: (I’m not sure)
Anywayz, the box specifically said that it supported CDG, but it actually did NOT when he tested it out.
He wound up mailing his player into the company and they upgraded it to allow CDG support…

So test out your player with a known good CDG disc to make sure it supports the format.

yes my player supports cdg but i cant make a disc that works with mp3 and cdg files can u help

perhaps try ripping a karaoke disk of your own…and see if that works on your stand alone player…rar compressed dloads that don’t work as promised are not the best way to confirm your hardware is complient…no offence…:slight_smile:

ive got it sorted now.if anyone has this problem convert the files to bin using mp3+gtoolz then using cdrwin add your files checking the cd+g tab then burn to disk it loads the cue files for you its quite easy now(wish i knew this 30 cdrs ago):smiley:

Your welcome Stonyg…