Cdg help

what I am wishing to do is make cdg discs from my mp3+g files. I have tried
to follow some instructions on the forums, ie:

  1. unzip required mp3+g zip files to folder.
  2. installed mp3+g toolz
  3. right clicked the mp3+g files (unzipped files) and used mp3+g toolz to
    create .bin files for each track.

This is where I have got a bit stuck as I couldn’t get cdrwin to work on my
system (PIII 450, Win XP Pro, Liteon 48125s). I was therefore in search of
another program which I could use to achieve my aim.

Going back to 3. above, mp3+g toolz creates a .bin and a .raw file for each
track. What do I do next?

I have read " create a cue list…" mentioned but I’m not sure I understand
whta exactly is required.

Can you offer any advice please?