hello to all,

i was just wondering where to find this famous cdfs file that enables to crush cd rip protection…
one of the last cd i bought was protected with a 1Mo file at the end of the cd and so i was unable to rip the songs in mp3…
is cdfs the real solution and where to find it ???


By the way, is cdfs working on win2K ?

Originally posted by rotten
By the way, is cdfs working on win2K ?

From what I can remember from reading the article on the CD Freaks mainpage it did not work under Windows 2000…unfortunately…

thanx. what a shame it doesn’t work on 2k…i also use win98, but i have to reboot just to rip audio…

does it really work ( under 98 of course :o) ) with all kinds of AUDIO protection ?

Right mouse click on the cd and it will show if the cd is cdfs., Clone cd works fine!!!

Or you can use EAC .9 (Exact Audio Copy)


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search yahoo for
its everywhere.
What it does is provide a file called cdfs.vxd to replace
the one in the win98, ME system 32 directory.
All the audio cds you view will then have a couple
of directorys in them wuth the audio files listed
as mono and stereo wave files.
You can then manipulate the files as you would any other.
Cactus Shield protected CDs may be copiable this
way but they are not proper audio cds, hence Phillips
insisting that the makers should not show the audio
CD trademark on the exterior of such CDs.