CDFS Image?



I am using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, very happy with outcome, EXCEPT… I own a Bose 321 II System and I keep getting unsupported format after long read time message.

Called tech support, they sent update to software… Still didn’t work… Called again and found out Bose 321 II doesn’t read UDF, but CDFS… I have searched the forums and the web and I can’t find anything on a Burning Rom that supports or can burn an image in CDFS.

Thanks for your help.


UDF on CDs?

Better don’t use it!

In case of DVDs, use UDF/ISO as Filesystem.


I think they’re just spouting out buzzwords… Doesn’t every pressed DVD-ROM movie have a UDF filesystem?


Bose using buzzwords?? :smiley: :smiley:


Thanks Chef for your help… I have burned them using CloneDVD as ISO/UDF and Nero and Alcohol 120%. I am lost and Bose swears the 321 system plays all media. I am using a Liteon SHM165H6S with Sony DVD-R media. Try burning them at 16x, 8x & 4x. They work great on EVERYONE else’s DVD players, but not my Bose that I purchased less than 10 months ago.

I am very frustrated & appreciate any help I can get.


Try with +R media, (even more if you can use Booktyping to DVD-ROM), because some newer burners have trouble sometimes with burning some -R standard compliant. Just try it, maybe even on RW.


I have tried all different media you have mentioned at different speeds… NOTHING works… Bose finally is going to RMA my unit. I should be recieving a box in the mail with prepaid postage to ship back to Bose.

Chef - What is Booktyping? I am not familiar with that term.