CDFS filesystem for a data DVD? Disc can only be read on computer that burned it

I burned a Data DVD-DL thru Nero 6.6.1, and was suprised when I put the disk in another XP computer and it couldn’t be read. I finaly noticed that when I put it back in this computer (the one that burned it) the filesystem was listed as CDFS.

Is this normal for a data DVD? Compatibility is my biggest issue as I need these disks to be read by as many computers as they can. But I’m not too familiar with all the different ways to burn. I thought NTFS was the normal way for data dvds and cd’s to be burned?? I’m using the latest version of Nero 6.6.1 and have looked thru all the options and the only thing I can find is “Book Type” setting in the “Recorder Options”. It was set on “Auto”, but I can choose “DVD-ROM”, “Physical Disk Type” and “Current Recorder Settings”. I imagine DVD-ROM is what I want, but I dont know I that will just use CDFS again.

Much appreciated, thanks!