CDFS Error Recovery

I have CDFS installed on my computer. Thats the little driver that makes it look like your CD has .wav files on it. I have about 10 CD’s that r burnt onto CMC Magnetics Discs and are unreadable or produce tons of errors when ripped. I haven’t found a successful way to copy them yet with good error recovery. I’ve tried EAC, CDex, Winamp, Nero, CloneCD, and almost everything else. So I’m wondering, if I just copy the .wav files to my HDD, will it be good quality? I haven’t tried it because estimated time is a few hours and I don’t want to break my burner. So can anyone give me any info on this? Or maybe some other way to get my audio CD’s ripped well? Thx.

As far as I know the CDFS.VXD driver is a ‘hijacked’ Plextor driver from Plextor Manager. I’ve read that somewhere in the inet. I think I can remember that the article said that the driver uses the burst extraction mode. I.e. it relies on the error recovery of the drive (hardware & firmware) and does no correction via software.

The CDFS.VXD driver was famous for defeating early SafeAudio versions which use scrambled audio blocks on the protected disc in order to cause noise and distorsion.

But: The quality of the achieved WAVes only depend on the the audio extraction capabilities of your drive. Some drives are excellent for that purpose others aren’t.

Could you tell us which device(s) you use?

My burner is an HP CD-Writer Plus 8200i (4x4x24) @ 9100 (8x4x32).