CDFreaks’ “first look” at Traxdata DVD-R DL

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The RITEKP01 is not supported by the BenQ BSLB firmware, so the failure there isn’t surprising. This media code is also unsupported in the Pioneer firmware. LiteOn’s the only drive that supports this media code at the moment, and it’s pleasing to see that the 1693S did a fine job (a bit surprised to see the OPC dips in the LiteOn writing graph; I thought LiteOn didn’t use non-passive OPC?).

And what about Plextor PX-716A and this media?

Very nice article Jan! Thanks!

This media is not supported by NEC 3540A firmware 1.03 either. :frowning:

RiDATA DVD-R Dual Layer - From Ritek USA/Advanced Media


Has anybody tested the Traxdata DVD-R DL with Plextor 716A?

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I made backup copies of my 7 playstation games on traxdata. After two months of usage the traxdata began to skip and jam the game. I rewrote the data again from traxdata to TDK dvd and till now everthing works fine. I burned them with pioneer copier 109 model. Can anybody explain why they went bad . Is it because they are not supported by pioneer writers?!?? Thank you in advance

They are supported, but they are just no Verbatims. :wink:

Verbatim DL is the only DL I could recommend yet.

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I have just started to be interested in recording with DVD+DL discs and have the following problem. I copied a DVD film to a Traxdata DVD+R DL 2.4x disc with my Benq DW1640 burner that has the BSLB firmware. The Traxdata disc has a RITEKD01 media code. The disc was burned ok with Nero 7 but when I did a ‘ScanDisc’ with Nero CD-DVD Speed the entire 2nd half of the disc was either labeled as ‘damaged’ or ‘bad’ sectors (the whole 1st half was ‘good’). The disc seems to play fine on my PC and on my xbox, however.

So I thought I should try to burn the film again, this time on a RiDisc DVD+R DL 2.4x which also has the RITEKD01 media code. But before doing this I used the ‘Create Disc’ utility in Nero to test the disc. Everything was ok until the recording reached what seemed like the layer break (as it was halfway) and I got the error: “Write Error 030C00” and the recording process aborted.

I also tried burning the film onto a RiDisc with both Nero 7 and VSO CopyToDVD but the result was the same: the burning failed after the 1st layer was complete and the 2nd layer was about to start.

Would this problem resolve if I install the BSOB firmware? Is there anything else I can try to sort this problem out?

Many thanks in advance!

The solution is simple - you should only buy Verbatim DL disks, as these are the very best. Verbatim DL disks are the only DL disks recommended here :iagree:. They should work well in your 1640.

And not to use RiDisc after all they are a third pary seller and so it could be B or worse being sold as A grade media.

I’ve just recieved one of each the - and + verb dl discs to try, can’t wait to see how it goes.