CDFreaks’ “first look” at the Lite-On SHW-1635S

You can find it here:

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looks like all previous drives…

Looks like it is using an 8 ECC interval just like benQ ?!

It still needs improvement in 16x burning.
DVD/R9 writing doesn’t look as good as with my 1693 either.

Waiting for the review of SOHD-16P9S :slight_smile:

  • there’s no mini-jack out …
  • 16x write still not good enough …

i are whit above… same drive … small “improvments” nothing new

how can you see the writing quality by just looking at the above picture?

you click on the link to the article :doh:

I’m disappointed to find that DVD-RAM reading and writing is not supported with this latest model!

Nice review.

DVD-RAM would be a bonus this time.

Interesting to see how the drive handles the patched DL+ speed/media > good result.

Too bad this review was done without the latest Firmware (YS0G) which just got out!!!

@chok0 u r00x ;]

if FW “just go out” they can’t have it before when they made review

this was a joke…

and firmwares weren’t made at the release day. they are usually some weeks or even months older!

Well, it’s not supposed to be a super-multi drive…

A super-multi drive will follow soon.

Thanks for the first look review Jan70. Excellent job, as always. :slight_smile:

Gosh, I have to say I expected more from this new MediaTek chipset. Let’s hope it can improve with firmware updates…

Thanks for CDFreaks…

same device … nothing new … :X we can always w8 for Godot :stuck_out_tongue:

is the Sony DW-Q30A a rebadge of this drive? and if so is it able to be cross flashed to this drive?

it’s a shame

burn start good but go to hell after that dip before 1gb