CDFreaks’ “first look” at the HP dvd840e Super Multi DVD-Writer

You can find it here:

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Which drive was inside, a LG 4166 ?


This drive is very good with some media types at least.

Yes, LG GSA-4166 :iagree:

HP box looks prettier than LG box. :flower:

They are advertising their Lite-On partnerships. This is very interesting!

Could someone please point me to where this model or its equivalent can be purchased from an american website?

Europe only,for now

Can anyone tell me where to find firmware update for my HP dvd840i. My current firmware is FF66 and i’m not satisfied with writing quality on the only two types of media, which I have@home - Verbatim DVD+R 16x Certified and Traxdata DVR+R 8x Certified… Any suggestions, except replacing the drive with other brand/model? :frowning:

hello, i’ve got this 840i. it burns dvd’s and cd-rw’s fine, lightscribes as well, but whenever i try burn a cd-r at whatever speeds at about 30% done I always(!) get a “Track follow error”. I am not tech savvy @ this stuff, but i reckon it’s a calibration error?
Had to throw out all my cds (including the HP’s sample lightscribe cd). Flashed from ff66 to a newer version. no change… very upset.
I’ve heard ppl crossflash these into LG-4166b? where can i find more info and would it help (as it voids the warranty I would like to know if it’s worth it)? or should I start walking towards the shop i bought this at?

btw, here is the firmware

Is this a good drive to get? I live in the uk and have access to this drive from shops here and its very cheap!

HP have also just put out a UK release of the HP DVD1040i Drive?

I am looking to purchase a lightscribe dvd drive, and wondered what your thoughts are on this?

Looking at the manual on the HP webite it almost looks like it is High definition sort of, it Supports 1040 high res video!

HP DVD1040i manual

Do you think i should get it to go with my HP pavillion desktop pc

Your thoughts would be welcomed