CDFreaks’ “first look” at Ricoh DVD+R DL 8x

You can find it here:

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Jan70 > Thanks for sharing.

Now the only question is " Where can you buy them and how much are they " I have found when you are in a forum that is world wide it is not so easy to find some of the things posted.

Would testing the media with a 110D and firmware 1.22 give the same “results”?



Ricoh Europe BV Germany, have just started to the first qty. to their distributors, and you would probably see the media at the retailers step by step from this week. (For German users, the media will also be offered at ).

Ricoh’s recommended street price for the Ricoh DVD+R DL 8x media will 6.50 EUR (in Germany). The prices will vary from country to country, since VAT and copyright levy are different.

We will have it in the CDfreaksshop by next week…

Also we will have Ricoh DVD+RW 8x is selling Ricoh 8x DVD+R DL for a little under US$10. These Japanese brand DVD media packaged in jewel cases are usually very expensive even in Akaihabara and perhaps there are very few consumers that want 50-pack DVD DL media even at a little under US$5 per disk. So DVD DL recordable media after all never been mainstream and quite possible never will be, too late for that now. Just great marketing by the DVD+RW Alliance and DVD Forum.

Did they work on a BenQ 1620 B7W9 ?

any updates?

Compatibility specs & Info:

burnt one of these with a NEC 3540 with upto date firmware but it would only recognise it as 2.4x media and not the 8x media
although results were great played a dvd video in both my standalones
with the book type set to dvd-rom of course

My Benq 1655 FW BCDB does not finish the burns neither at 8X nor at 6X using Imgburn or DVD Decrypter.

Only Benq 1640 is on the, pretty short, compatibility list as at 14/02/2006 on Ricoh Website. Thx [U]chef[/U]

damn that blows, so no point in buying these if you have a 1650.

The DL media comp info is now here:

Also available for 2.4x rated and info about the technology behind IS produced DL.