CDFreaks’ “first look” at Philips Color LightScribe

You can find it here:

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Nice, finally some colour. Although i think i’ll wait till there are some verbs with mcc dye in these colours before i buy.

Thanks for the [I]first look[/I], [B]Jan[/B]! :slight_smile:

In the article you say that the contrast is very good, but the scans look pretty average to me - the black isn’t really black; is that just because the scans don’t do justice to how the discs really look, or am I just expecting too much?

Like everything else in life, there will always be different state of mind on how the beholders eyes will judge and characterize something that is visible to the eyes. I personally think the contrast is very good though on these coloured LightScribe media, maybe other people will not find the contrast good though. :flower:

This is pretty cool!

I guess one thing I would like to see added is a comparison of how the disk looks with a SINGLE Lightscribe run and see it side by side with the same label burned TWICE.

I’m very glad that they released the Contrast Enhancement Utility, because my 1.2 media burns with less contrast than the 1.0 media, which I have read is how they got the 1.2 to be faster - reducing default contrast quality on the 1.2 media.

All that said, I think I saw the best contrast on the YELLOW colored disk. It seemed much easier to read than the others.

I do wish they would come out with SILVER too, but a geek can only hope I guess. :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to do that. I look forward to seeing how DVD media looks in these colors.

I don’t think that LightScribe will ever produce photo quality labels. LightScribe does allow small software or photo show producers to add a professional touch to their products.


Verbatim now has colored ones too. Just got a cake of them at BestBuy.

Did someone release already color LS DVDs?


I have tried my first lightscribe label using HP DVD+R disk. I used NERO 7. Though I used “Increase contract” mode (not in Light Scribe Control Panel) the result was dissappointing. The label came out bleak. Sort of green instead of black on gold.
I will certainly try Control Panel option, but could you please advise me on other tricks if any or other DVD-media?
Thank you in advance.