CDFreaks’ “first look” at Labelflash™

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Hey, nice one!

With a little routine you can get really nice results, I think. Not even on LF media.

PS: I’m still wondering about “© 1995-2004” on the Nero infoscreen. :bigsmile:

Sweeet! Im really thrilled about the idea of burning on a data side. This means no need to buy special overpriced media right away. I can use my laquer top TY and all i’ll need is a quater inch left to label it!
Thank you guys

I wonder if you can burn the same image more than once, just like LightScribe.

With LightScribe this is possible and it makes the burned image much better.

Is this also possible with LabelFlash?
And if yes, why haven’t you tested it. :slight_smile:

What about Labelflash CD-R media? :frowning:


you can easily burn on it over and over. :wink:

Disc T@2 ???

Sorry for this 3rd post in a row, but I couldn’t add it to prior made posts. You know, 30mins edit window. :wink:

other Labelflash visitors:

uhm, why did it burn that ugly looking rectangle thing under the picture…?

Nice review, thanks!

Thanks for the review:

Maybe some day there will be hub writable LF disc?

I’m not sure what exactly you mean? :rolleyes:

I heard that designs made on a LightScribe DVD are not as clear as they are on a LightScribe CD so does a LabelFlash DVD design look better than a LightScribe DVD design?


Is there no other place than in Germany, where i can buy
OEM Nero Express ???

I have Nero 7, but im missing the important .dll file :frowning:

This software is available outside Germany, of course. Just search a little bit.

For german buyers: €8 €3.02

Why doesn’t labelflash support CDR?

What I’m curious about…is when these drives will be introduced into the North American consumer market. Does anyone know?

I’m not sure if this will EVER happen… :frowning:
Fujifilm USA had no LabelFlash media on display at CES.


I have no specific technical knowledge on this point, but I will make a guess.

A DVD is a sandwitch of two .6mm polycarbonite discs. Between them is some neglagable thickness media.

A CD is a 1.2mm thick polycarbonite disc with a neglagable thickness layer on one side.

So, if labelflash is a writable layer in the middle of the DVD, it doesn’t take anything special for the laser to focus on it. It’s already used to looking through .6mm of polycarbonite to write DVDs.

LightScribe writes on the surface of the disc–to support CD, it would have to as there isn’t a transparent layer on the label side of a CD. A lightscribe DVD would need to have–from bottom up: .6mm polycarbonite layer, media layer, .6mm polycarbonite layer, lightscribe media layer. It’d need some backing behind the media layer to keep the printed label from ‘infinite mirroring’. Have you ever had a completely clear (mirror) DVD that you wrote on with a marker? You get this reflection of a reflection of a reflection… effect (like a hall of mirrors with two mirrors facing each other). You probably don’t want that on a label. :slight_smile:

So, labelflash can’t work on CDs because the laser can’t focus that closely. Lightscribe optical units must have some special ability to focus on the front surface of the media where labelflash only has to focus on the middle (which it has to do anyway). So, labelflash should be a lot easier to add to a drive than lightscribe.

Of course, I’ve never even seen a piece of meda from either of these methods, so take what I’ve said as a guess and with a very large grain of salt–say a cow lick. For those of you from urban areas who don’t know what a cow lick is, think of a 10 kilo sugar cube–but made of salt.

Yes, but these writers can write to a CD so focusing shouldn’t be a problem when applying images / text to the data side (ie the DiscT@2 part of LabelFlash). I think either Ahead or NEC are lazy and just not implemented it yet… at least I HOPE that’s the case, I’m pretty pi55ed it won’t work with CD-R’s.