Cdfreaks will be closed today

cdfreaks will be closed for April 1 so they can count the billions they made this year.

  1. Post thread
  2. Sit around waiting for people to read thread and increase traffic to site
  3. ???
  4. Profit!!!

Yeah, but MyCE is open as usual (someone had to say it) :wink:

[QUOTE=Arachne;2506573]Yeah, but [I]MyCE[/I] is open as usual (someone had to say it) ;)[/QUOTE]
:iagree: :clap:

<Insert generic cats & mice/MyCE joke here>

[QUOTE=Arachne;2506573]Yeah, but [I]MyCE[/I] is open as usual (someone had to say it) ;)[/QUOTE]

Thank goodnes the Server dident CRACH again :bigsmile:

MY Newspaper Always haz a aprial Fools joke

[I]Vehiclesentering EL Have to pay a FEE[/I]

BEST JOKE was SNOW 10 years ago
People still talking about it …

The server has been flaky all day, unless it’s my Internet connection :doh:

I really hope that’s just an April Fool’s thing. :wink:

EDIT: That fee thing, Di…they’ve been talking for awhile about bringing in a fee to go into the centre of Bristol (where I live)…no April Fool’s joke there sadly :doh:

My Newspaper Daily Dispatch had its april fools joke
Going to do away with …
[B]BCM to do away with amber traffic lights to cut costs .[/B]

^ Probably to cut costs in replacement light bulbs.

Maybe they should consider this offer… :slight_smile:

I can only answer this with a picture, although I do wish it were true, Billions eh?

I think we all wish it were true Alan! :slight_smile: